Must See

Must See




To impress your children take part in “Kids Conquer The Buda Castle”. It is a hilarious sightseeing opportunity for children, what serves you a discovery tour full of fun, especifcally for kids.

Other possibilities to amaze the smaller ones is to make a visit to the Palace of Miracles. It can offer you a day of fun and even with education.

The so called Tropicarium with its spectacular Aquarium in Campona Shopping mall is to admire nature’s wonders. You can get in touch with the tropical nature, there are plenty of sharks and other interesting fish.

If you prefer to see the natural parts we can offer the idillyc Margaret Island. It lies in the Danube’s embrace, and can be ideal for some relaxing time. Just take some bIankets and enjoy the view. Your kids will love the small vehicles called bringohintos, or the animals in the small zoo. If you want some chill out, just listen to the magical music of a lovely fountain in the middle of the island.

  • Buda Castel, Castel district - the old capital of the Magyar kingdom
  • Parlament, Basilica and the neo-classical buildings of downtown Budapest
  • The Great Synagogue of the historical jewish quarter
  • Heroes Square and Andrassy av. - history meets the design boutiqes
  • Szechenyi Thermal Spa in the City Park with the art-nouveau zoo and botanical garden
  • The Great Market Hall - shopping the local food, spending a local lunch
  • Margaret island - leasure park in the city centre, on the river
  • River cruise on Danube - 100% panorama of the charming city 




To discover our historical sights, see the Castle Hill and Fishermen’s Bastion. You can find both of them within a walking tour. Enjoy the view upon the hills.

Behind the wonderful Matthias Church there are seven towers. Each of them represent the tents of the seven tribal chieftains, who originally conquered the Hungarian homeland.

To get the most beautiful panoramic view of the city take a Danube cruise. It shows you Buda and Pest from the the most spectacular point of view.

Try the newest attraction, the visitors’ favourite RiverRide floating bus. Take a splash with this half bus half ship creature on water.

Do you like classical music? Why don’t you see a performance at the world famous Budapest Opera House or visit the Academy of Music?

Have a look about where our politicians mange our country. Visit the Hungary’s Parliament Building, see the masterpiece of Hungarian architecture and the Hungarian Crown Jewels.

To understand why Budapest is often called the „Paris of the East” just walk on Andrássy Avenue to Heroes’ Square. The square is surrounded by two important buildings, Museum of Fine Arts on the left and Hall of Art on the right. In the middle of the square the Millennium Monument refer to our 1000-year- old history.

You can not miss out this special experience, if you are in Budapest! Don’t miss the the largest functioning synagogue in Europe, and the second largest in the world, called Great Synagogue. At Central Market Hall you can shop with locals and even try some traditional Hungarian food. This is the largest and most impressive of all market halls in Budapest.

Do you need some rest? Relax in one of our famous baths, Budapest is full of them. Maybe you already heared about Széchenyi Bath, one of the most beautiful baths in the world. Its beautiful building, relaxing atmosphere and thermal water attract more than one million people every year. To get a closer touch with river Danube walk across Chain Bridge. It has got also a historical meaning, this was the first bridge built to connect Buda and Pest. Lot of tourists like window shopping and looking around. For them we offer Váci street. Drink a coffee in world famous coffe companies or have some food in high- quality restaurants.

If you want to try special Hungarian flavours try an authentic Hungarian dish with vintage Hungarian wine. You can easily find an award winning Budapest restaurant there. Climb to the highest point and make a look to our breathtaking panorama from the top of Gellért Hill. If you are there and you are ready to reach the top of it you can stare for long moments the monumental Statue of Liberty.

Climb the stairs to the Basilica's observation. You will find a totally new point of view to the city. You can observe the teemy, energetic life of the city. It will show you a very energetic part.

Maybe you prefer all day excursions? Follow the Elisabeth Lookout on János Hill for a full view of Budapest. Prepare you camera!